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AHCA - Clearinghouse and Screenings

Here's what changed January 1, 2013

  • AHCA implemented the photograph and retained fingerprints for the Clearinghouse.
  • AHCA's has a "NEW ORI" NUMBER. ALL prints will now be retained regardless if an individual does not want to participate in the Clearinghouse. More information on AHCA.
  • Medicaid will continue to use their current ORI but prints are NOT retained in the Clearinghouse at this time.
  • DOH is a part of the Clearinghouse and their ORI number changed. Please check with the DOH website.
  • DOH is the only other regulatory agency in state participating in the Clearinghouse at this time. DCF, DJJ, APD, DOEA, and Vocation Rehabilitation will be added at a later date.
  • The privacy policy will be available to health care providers within the AHCA background screening results website. It is not filled out or turned in to Live scan service providers.

It is very important for all screenings to be initiated through the Clearinghouse website prior to sending an applicant for fingerprinting. Initiating the screening enables tracking the screening process and receive email updates when an employee's status is changed or updated. To register and begin initiating screenings please click here to visit the ACHA website.

To be entered into the Clearinghouse, a person screened must:

  • Undergo Level 2 screening and have fingerprints retained
  • Have a photograph taken at time of fingerprinting, and
  • Sign a privacy policy

Employers may log into the website portal to register an employee for fingerprinting. When clicking on Live scan Provider and selecting the provider of your choice, please make sure that the correct email and web address, correlates with the name of the desired live scan provider you have selected in AHCA's web portal.

Please feel free to call us anytime to resolve any difficulties with online registration.

NOTE: If a photograph is not submitted at the time the fingerprints are processed, the applicant will not be entered into the Clearinghouse and the screening will not be able to be shared among the specified state agencies. This may also lead to added costs incurred if, the applicant needs an additional screening for another state agency.

Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) will now be able to retain fingerprints and report any new arrest/registration information to the specified state agencies. In turn, if during that 5-year period the individual is arrested and/or added to a registry, a notification will be sent to the provider that initiated or added the individual to their employee roster.

Effective January 1, 2013 1A-TLSFP has the capability and can transmit photographs along with live scan fingerprints for the Clearinghouse today with no Waiting!

1A Tampa Live scan Fingerprinting formally known as "Tampa Live scan Fingerprinting" has been submitting live scan fingerprints to AHCA since 2010. 1A-TLSFP, is proud to be the first live scan provider offering Live scan Fingerprinting with Photo to AHCA Clearinghouse. No Appointment Necessary Walk-ins!