ClearHire Solutions

Dramatic incidents involving workplace violence can shatter a company's morale and lead to due diligence lawsuits that could incur a financial burden that in some cases is too large to overcome. Recovering and attracting quality employees after such occurrences can also be insurmountable.

Our vision is to provide for regional employers to nationwide companies, a variety of information for hiring the best applicants and lowering the risk of the hiring process. Our reliable background check information is provided with simplicity, flexibility, dependability with the least amount of energy. Based on years of research in the background screening industry, ClearHire is able to offer a complete solution and customize package orders to meet your specific needs.

Background screening software and system integrator is based on over 20 years of industry experience with successful integrations within applicant tracking system environments. The level of automation and simplicity you expect use 100% .net web access enables us to field customer service calls at a moment's notice without compromise.

Our staff specializes in obtaining and disseminating sensitive and sometimes private information. State laws and statutes that may affect information you need are constantly monitored within our system. Over 3000 counties and federal districts in addition to state criminal repositories are involved to provide all background verification and reports. See report descriptions under the Services tab.

The system, handles the ordering, processing, delivering and invoicing along with the necessary forms that are needed to comply with FCRA. These revised documents (summary of rights under the FCRA and notice to users of consumer reports: obligations of users under the FCRA) are relevant to your screening program and incorporated into your background check process. These documents are applied to all individuals involved with your background screening program and help to ensure continued obligations under the FCRA.